360 DomeXperience

The 360 DomeXperience is a full immersive multi-sensory media concept for live events.

See, hear, feel, smell Music in a dome

  • 360 projections / Fulldome VR
  • Silent DJ's / headphone audio system
  • Vibrating Floor  (Trilvloer)
  • Scent DJ  / Aroma DJ

Watch fulldome 360° video projections - dazzling VJ sessions, movies and presentations surround you!  Listen music on Silent DJ headphones and feel the beat through a vibrating floor.

Scents mixed by the Aroma DJ enhance the sensations.

Unique branding opportunities and possibilities for product activations.

Fully theme your own dome and promote your brand or product by using customized sensory experiences!

Ideal for music events, product activations and corporate events & presentations.

Extra Options (see Features)

• Spotter Dance- Interactive (generated) audio & visuals

• Music voting app on DJ channel

• Plug-in sessions for artists

• Paint Lab -Interactive Virtual Reality Performance Arts.

• Spotter Dance interactice realtime visual & audio manipulation by dancing.

• Energy Floors, sustainable dance floor with plug-in options

• Interactive video mapping live on touchscreen and object, dome or building

360 DomeXperience Presentation



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