Several feautures are possible in the concept, as

- live plug-in sessions, have live artists in the dome

- interactive DJ-app (vote playlist  your own Silent-DJ channel)

- live percussion act, audio & visuals triggered by Dr. Robinson act

- Spotter Dance interactive realtime visual & audio manipulation

- Paint Lab, interactive Virtual Reality Performance Arts

- Energy Floors, sustainable dance floor with plug-in options

- Dome as live radio-broadcasting studio at A State of Trance /           Armin van Buuren

interactive  entertainment and options

Paint Lab

Interactive Virtual Reality Performance Arts.

The user can draw 3D objects and animated graphics, while moving around physically and virtually thanks to positional tracking technology.music festivals and corporate events. You can live paint the dome allover...

Spotter, a Dance Interactive in 360

The Spotter is a dance-machine anybody can play with. Generating sound and image by gesture. Challenging you to be dj and vj at the same time. Imagine the visuals all around you 360 in a Dome...

The Spotter is created to challenge a general audience to be a performer. To listen to sounds while moving, and specially to use technique as a means to increase social interaction. It works to raise confidence and focus in public space. And it creates awareness of sound and motion, by increasing the ability to play with these intuitively.

Because the Spotter is an instrument anybody can play!

Spotter Dance  realtime audio & visual manipulation

Also available Spotter  realtime audio&visual manipulation which can be used as interactive entertainment. See video >> click image

Energy Floors

Dance on the Sustainable Dance Floor while you listen to music on wireless headphones: the Energy Floors Silent Disco is a fun, energetic and interactive experience that fits into every event.

If you want to add a sustainable element to your party or event and continue dancing past noise curfews, then our Silent Disco is just the thing for you. It can be easily integrated into any event. Your audience dances on the Sustainable Dance Floor, to music on wireless headphones. These headphones can be charged with energy generated on the dance floor.

You can combine it with a human powered photo-booth or energetic dance battle

Preview your 360DomeXperience showcase

We can show (on screen/labtop) how your content will be looking before actually projected in a dome.

Powerpoints can be added in any position with additional content.

Our partner for content design is Showdesign

Radio Dome @ A State of Trance with Armin van Buuren live radio show from the Dome