Dance party in the dome

The dome as party area, a real immersive experience in a extarordinary place.

Theme your event or party, let the visuals supplement a diner or live performance in the dome.

Dance while a VJ mixes visuals projected in 360.

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United VJs interview @ FDUK2016 FULLDOME Festival UK

United VJs are experts in Live 360 VJ-shows in domes,  
Mapping , Stage design, 3D Projection and Fulldome: Immersive Cinema in Digital Planetariums.

Click on image to see interview at FDUK2016 Festival

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Domes are breaking through at festivals and events, and that is great!

What is so special about a Dome and 360 VR projections?

360 DomesXperience

You can create a Special Immersive Experience using technology to surprise your audience
visually and even in all senses together. 

At Coachella Festival 2017 there was The Antarctic Dome Experience,
created by Obscura Digital and powered by HP. That was The WOW-factor!

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