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Interactive VideoMapping Nominated for Foederer Talent Award

Genomineerd voor de Foederer Talent Award met onze Interactieve Video Mapping! De winnaar mag tijdens GLOW Eindhoven mega-groot projecteren op het Student Hotel naast CS! YES ..… de 10 finalisten voor de Foederer Talent Award 2018 zijn bekend!
#Sijmen Hoekstra & René Oelers - Interactive Videomapping

Info GLOW Festival https://www.gloweindhoven.nl/nl/info

360 Cameras

360 cameras are unlike any other type, so it’s worth spelling out what they do and what this means.

The key is to imagine capturing a scene not in a flat rectangle, but on the inside of a sphere. You view a 360-degree image from within this sphere, moving your smart device or a window in your web browser to look around.

360-degree stills are easiest to figure out because everything is static. 360 videosare more confusing because you have the freedom to look where you like, but the action carries on regardless, which means as a viewer you kind of have control but don’t, and it’s easy to end up looking the wrong way while things are happening.

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You can either consume 360 photos and videos directly via smart devices and websites with the necessary navigational interactivity, or as a content author you can use this spherical raw material to produce smaller, ‘flat’ windows on the scene with a lot of editing control.

For example, with 360 stills you can create wide-angle shots and panoramas. It’s 360 video that offers most potential, though, because you can shoot from a static position and than pan and zoom with moving subjects later in software.

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