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Interactive VideoMapping Nominated for Foederer Talent Award

Genomineerd voor de Foederer Talent Award met onze Interactieve Video Mapping! De winnaar mag tijdens GLOW Eindhoven mega-groot projecteren op het Student Hotel naast CS! YES ..… de 10 finalisten voor de Foederer Talent Award 2018 zijn bekend!
#Sijmen Hoekstra & René Oelers - Interactive Videomapping

Info GLOW Festival https://www.gloweindhoven.nl/nl/info

United VJs interview @ FDUK2016 FULLDOME Festival UK

Interview with VJ Pedro Zaz and VJ Spetto at the FDUK2016 Festival
They just performed an impressing new live-show.

Click on image to see intervieuw at FDUK2016 Festival

United VJs :"We are for the Arts and the evolution of man and womankind through unique multimedia sensory experiences.
We create a new kind of media art without the distinctions that raises barriers between technology and the artists!
Let us wish, craft and crack the new media".

UNITED VJs creatively integrates the digital arts using Video Projection Mapping , architecture, optical illusions,
Fulldome (digital planetariums), Software programming, sound and video art. They are an International crew from
São Paulo, with partners across South America and Europe. This young and proactive multidisciplinary team of
VJ artists, have performed in special locations such as Budapest, Bolivia, London, Berlin, Lisbon, Switzerland,
Buenos Aires, Transylvania, Colombia and as remote as the Portuguese Azores Islands.

United VJs specialise in creating and delivering large-scale site specific artworks around the world. They use exciting
new art forms and techniques that can turn almost any surface into a dynamic video display. Specialised software is
used by a team of artists to warp and mask the projected image to make it fit perfectly on to any irregularly shaped
‘screens’ such as: Planetariums, Train stations, Mega Rock Concerts, Stadiums, Hotels, Museums, Raves, Classical
Music halls, Churches, Oscar Niemeyer Buildings, City Halls, Theatres and Touring Stages.

Click on image to see Empathy 360º Fulldome AV Show

United VJs have combined Video Mapping and Stage design for creating shows for bands like, The Gift from Portugal,
in Festivals such as Rock in Rio, opening ceremony of the olympic Games Rio 2016, CreamFields, Planeta Terra and
enues like the Royal Festival Hall, in London, Casa da Música in Porto and the Teatro Amazonas in the Amazon.
They have performed with such artists as Peter Hook from New Order/Joy Division, Mika,, Eric Morillo, Sven Vath and
Dave Clark.

Click on image see United VJs THIS IS FULLDOME show : with VJ Spetto, VJ Zaz,

Interview United VJs by RIO / 360DomeXperience