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Interactive VideoMapping Nominated for Foederer Talent Award

Genomineerd voor de Foederer Talent Award met onze Interactieve Video Mapping! De winnaar mag tijdens GLOW Eindhoven mega-groot projecteren op het Student Hotel naast CS! YES ..… de 10 finalisten voor de Foederer Talent Award 2018 zijn bekend!
#Sijmen Hoekstra & René Oelers - Interactive Videomapping

Info GLOW Festival https://www.gloweindhoven.nl/nl/info

Domes are breaking through at festivals and events, and that is great!

At Coachella Festival 2017 there was The Antarctic Dome Experience,
created by Obscura Digital and powered by HP. That was The WOW-factor!

This year at Coachella the biggest spectacle wasn’t Radiohead, Kendrick Lamar, or even Lady Gaga.
It wasn’t Selena Gomez and the Weeknd’s PDA, either. Instead, it was a massive dome where
attendees could see giant neon caterpillars, alien landings, and geometric shapes pulsing through
the cosmos—no hallucinogens required.
Chrysalis, as the show in the dome is called, is a virtual reality trip very different from the goggle-enabled
VR most folks are familiar with. Instead of crushing their flower crowns with a headset, Coachella
attendees watched the eight-minute show projected onto the ceiling of a 60-foot high rotunda.
All they had to do was lean back and look up. Click image to watch the video

Coachella Dome 360

  • The experience is the work of Obscura Digital, a San Francisco-based studio that spent three months
    developing Chrysalis. The result of their efforts is a steel and vinyl dome outfitted with 108 speakers,
    (25 channels)15 projectors, and 500 seats that immerses viewers
  • Couchella is trendsetting with their Dome and we like to inspire more festivals in Europe to follow!
  • 360 projections all around the dome, to have a VR experience in visuals, 360 films and Live-VJ's in a party
  • In comparison with a VR set, in a dome you dont have an individual experience, but together with everybody.
    That togetherness makes it special and creates a shared WOW-factor in the dome.

  • Click on image to see video presentation

360DomeXperience video

  • Silent DJ audio system with headphones, up to 3 channels,
  • You can have a very advances 3D Audio system in a dome, but a much cheaper alternative is using wireless headphones
    with good sound and no noise generated (easy to add on festival with several audio-stages)
  • When you use the headphone SilentDisco system, you can use up to 3 audio channels, so up to 3 DJ's at the same time
    (or 3 languages in a presentation or product launche) and let people choose and switch between them.
  • Also good if the dome has a secret program or is based in a secret area, there is no noise coming out and on a festival
    you can program a dome closer to otherstages with no sound-interference

  • Click image to see video of a Silent Party with DJ's Pep&Rash

SilentDJ party

  • Vibrating Floor - Feel the Beat through your feet dancing on your favourite music, have the Sub-Low experience from downunder.
    Also for special FX in visuals that can be send through the floor.
  • The Vibrating Floor can be triggered on beat of music or can add an extra dimension on soundeffect in video.
    Vibrating Floor is available in modular components of 100 x 200 cm. (with carpet tiles on top)
    Standing or dancing on top of the vibrating floor itsa real experience to feel the beat from downunder.

  • Click on image to see more info about Vibrating Floor / Trilvloer
  • Vibrating Floor

  • .Scent DJ - Aroma DJ - mixes an spreads scents, bringing an extra dimension to your Experience. Together with cold-ice, a blowing fan and light it becomes a visual attraction as well .Scents can make the difference, smelling is the most sensitive of all senses and has direct connection to our emotional brain. Scent has immediate effect on emotions and memories. The Aroma DJ gives an extra dimension in experience, spreading and mixing scents. Beside hearing, seeing and feeling also smelling is added to enjoy more senses! More than 50 scents available that can be mixed as well.

  • Click on image to see VIDEO Aroma DJ
  • Aroma DJ video

Creating an immersive experience in all senses, The 360DomeXperience


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